About bookabeat

bookabeat is an online live music hiring platform that enables talented artists to showcase their original work and be booked for private functions, parties, weddings, gigs, festivals, and events. Being part of bookabeat offers more than just a live music hiring platform service. Get in touch to find out about our range of services and how bookabeat can help you select the best live music entertainment for your event.

bookabeat is not genre specific. It’s an old adage, but at bookabeat we pride ourselves on quality, not quantity. To maintain the high standards of bookabeat, artists are carefully selected and have been seen perform live by bookabeat prior to being accepted on the platform. Artistic excellence, outstanding performance ability, and professionalism are foremost.


What we specialise in

The bookabeat Team


Naomi Peter

The idea was initiated by bookabeat co-founder, Naomi, who has a long love and passion for music, those who love music, and those who create music. Her ambition to amplify the intimacy between artists and their audience, creating a personalised experience for all derives from her motivation to support artists and their original work.


Makeda Peter

Makeda, also a lover of music, has a further ambition to extend the bridge between artists, clients, and the general public onto a global level. She aims to create a bookabeat community in all major cities, worldwide. This is driven by her motivation to extend the bookabeat sentiment to others through bookabeat initiated projects, involving research, education and music.